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A collection of news and articles about Richard Wagner, his works, life, performances and influences.


While most of the material here originates from the Wagnerians editorial team there may be material here from other sources. In this latter instance, we will have made, where necessary, every effort to contact the original copyright owners to seek permission for its reprint here. However, this is not always possible and we would like to bring to readers attention that such material is used under international notions of fair use. It is believed that as this site is run without profit and for educational use only that such a policy is applicable. However, and without negating this, should we inadvertently use any copyrighted material that the owner would not wish to have present here they need only contact us - proving ownership - and such material will be removed in a speedy manner.

The Wagnerian is a nonprofit site. We do not make an income from this site. We are not interested in making an income from this site (but thanks for the spam), we are not interested in "sponsored posts" (but thanks for the very weird spam).

The information on this site does not constitute legal or technical advice. The accuracy of the information reported and interpreted is not guaranteed. All content is subject to correction and revision.


The Wagnerian is published by S.M. Moran. Educated at Eton and then Oxford,  Seb has had a long career in a range of professions, but specializing in public relations. While much of that career has been spent in the UK, he has also spent brief periods in the Middle East, India, Africa, the Himalayas and Switzerland. Now retired, Seb spends much of his time divided between Wagner, sports and his club in London. Day-to-day and overall management of the Wagnerian is left to its editorial team.

Seb is something of a recluse and any inquiries directly to him will most likely go unanswered with, he asks us to add, much regret.