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As has been often mentioned, Wagner is one of the most written about composers in history - and this is not a new phenomenon but  began even while he was still alive. The benefit of this to us is that many of these books are long out of copyright and are thus freely available to anyone that wishes to read them - although of course producing and distributing print books still retains a cost and this must be paid for. However, no such cost needs to be involved with distributing "Ebooks" (or at least very little cost). Such books can be read on ones computer or ebook device such as a Kindle or Sony Reader. Being in such a format also makes searching within them for research much easier.

We are presently in the process of collecting as many of the "better" ones (well written, proof read, formated) as we can - and some of these have already been made available here. However, to make finding them within the site as easy as possible for you dear reader we have collated as many as we have available below. You need only click on the link and chose the book that you want and in the format that you require - where available. We shall add to this as we can.

As a predominantly english speaking site all books are in english

My Life - Richard Wagner (In English)