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Study Weekend, University Of Oxford: Wagner & Philosophy. Oct 2017

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 10 September 2017 | 6:04:00 am

Looks rather interesting. Some impressive tutors. Places still available. And only £77 for the full weekend

Wagner and Philosophy


Richard Wagner (1813-1883) has long been considered one of the most obviously philosophical of the great artists in the European tradition. This is in recognition both of the way in which his work was particularly open to philosophical influences and of the extent to which it has, in turn, stimulated significant philosophical responses. We will start by evaluating the importance of Schopenhauer’s philosophy for Wagner, before considering the extent to which the music dramas can be understood as presenting their own distinctive philosophical ideas. There will then be two different takes on philosophical approaches to Wagner, focusing on the most important and sustained instance of this in the work of Wagner’s one-time friend and colleague, Nietzsche, but also taking in twentieth-century responses from Adorno and others.

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