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Zen & The Art Of Tristan und Isolde

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 29 January 2017 | 2:52:00 pm

There is, at the moment,  much talk of "walls" and segregation, enemies and"vetting", "the other", you/me, them/us snowflakes/patriots, fake and real  facts. I was contemplating all of  this while only half listening to Tristan this very morning - never the best way to listen to any good music of course; especially Wagner. But then, suddenly and upon hearing "O sink' hernieder, Nacht der Liebe", my mind was drawn elsewhere. Not, as one might expect, to Schopenhauer but instead to a  passage in Zen Monk, D T Suzuki's "Zen Mind, Beginners Mind" - if only half remembered. Why Suzuki and not Schopenhauer? Perhaps something to do with the aforementioned duality so readily found in the news at present? Whatever.  I thought you might like to experience the same juxtaposition - if it really is much of a juxtaposition. As another person, much fond of generating "others" - and a fear of them - might say; enjoy!

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