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Apology & Correction: Wagner Is Not To Be Replaced By Aging Hippies After All

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 4 December 2013 | 6:59:00 am

Pink Floyd?

We recently reported the blight of Dalhalla Opera, whose productions, including a continuation of their Ring cycle, would not be able to continue in 2014 after owners of the Dalhalla venue  informed them that they had decided to rent their allotted time to other "artists". We also noted at that time, that Dalhalla Opera had responded, noting that it would impact upon hundreds of artists already committed to the event.

At the time we explained that Dalhalla Opera's time was to be given over to two other events:: a festival of former Eurovision Song Contest Runners-up and the "iconic" 60's psychedelic "rockers" Pink Floyd.
However, a reader has kindly informed us that while we are correct about the first, we were wrong about the second. It seems that Pink Floyd WILL Not, be ousting Wagner after all.  We thus give our heartfelt apologies to "aging hippies" everywhere and are saddened  we may have built your hopes up. 

However, should you wish to relive your student years. (Possibly from the 60's up to the 90s. Darkside Of The Moon playing in a room filled with the aroma of "herbal" cigarettes and making profound comments regarding the true nature of the universe "Hey Man! What if we were, like, like, (sic) not real but characters in someone else's dream? Anyone read Terence Mckenna? That dude and Timewave Zero". Wow! 2012 man!) need not be completely disappointed. You see, it is not Pink Floyd who will replace one of the most intriguing works in the western art cannon (and leave  hundreds of artists with no work) but instead Pink Floyd "tribute band" "P-Floyd" 

For those unfamiliar, "tribute bands" are artists that dress up like famous artists, and attempt to cover that artists work in a close approximation as possible (Ed: and "sail close to the wind" regarding copyrighted names it would appear). To get some idea, we insert a David Bowie  and Beatles"tribute band" video below.

Perhaps, if Dalhalla Opera renamed their Ring cycle as the "Richard Wagner: Ring Around"?

Harmony is never as easy as it sounds is it?