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Ring Cycle Ousted By Aging Hippies And Eurovision Runners-up

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 1 December 2013 | 12:24:00 am

Edit: See Correction

And so "classical" music takes another hit as Dalhalla Opera is told that booking time that was to go to their opera productions - including a continuation of their Ring cycle begun last year -  has, at the last minute, now been allocated to other musical artists.

For those not aware, no doubt a few people, Dallalla is an amphitheatre in a disused quarry in Sweden.  And who might we ask could possibly be given greater priority than Wagner or Das Ring Der Nibelungen? Would you believe geriatric "trance-rockers"  Pink Floyd (Ed: are they still alive?)  once more, playing "hits " from their student/stoner classic "Dark Side Of The Moon".  Other dates have been given to a festival called "Diggiloo". This (Swedish readers may have to correct us) seems to be made up of Eurovision Song Contest runners-up.

 Perhaps, for those involved in the debate between art and pop music its time to take some action, or at the very least: "start making your mind up, up, up" (Ed: Really? Bucks Fizz references? Here?)  Or has the "paying public" already done so? 

Statement from Dalhalla Opera below (Badly translated by TW).

There will be no opera at Dalhalla in August 2014. The Board of Directors of the Association of Dalhalla Friends (FDV) has with great surprise and disappointment received news that Dalhalla AB (DFAB) hastily decided to lease opera critical period dates August 8 to 9, 2014 to commercial operator Rättviksvägen Events

The decision cancewls opera productions in 2014 and will impact hundreds of musicians and artists.

The production of Das Rheingold in 2013 meant a highly acclaimed relaunch of high quality opera at Dalhalla. The set was hailed in both in Sweden and internationally.

FDV has invested heavily in the rebuilt opera business on Dalhalla, with the past year's Das Rheingold production a result of this. Opera Art's presence on Dalhalla has strong political support in the region, a support that also expressed in an annual contribution of about 550 000 from Lake Siljan municipalities. Yet DFAB has still lease the time to commerical intersts

DFAB's handling indicates a de-prioritization of operatic art that is at odds with the cultural aspirations of the region. World class opera should be a natural ingredient in the arena.

DFAB's behavior has aroused consternation in both the international and local cultural life

The Board of Directors of the Association Dalhalla Friends

For all of those that call certain Wagner productions "Eurotrash" This alas, maybe the "real thing. Book your tickets now for Diggiloo 2014.

(Ed: Wagner! Now!)