Video Concert: Wesendonck Lieder - Christianne Stotijn, & Eivind Buene's "Langsam und Schmachtend"

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 10 June 2012 | 7:23:00 am

EDIT: I have had to remove the video as google seems to be reporting it as an "attack site"! (Google does like to use highly emotive words does it not?). I believe that is not the case as the stream is authorized by the festival itself. However, as this seems to be preventing some people from accessing "The Wagnerian" I have removed it. The links remain in place if you wish to visit the site but please keep this in mind. And my apologies to any inconvenience caused.

Recorded yesterday at the OJAI Music Festival (which is being streamed live at the link below). The concert begins with Eivind Buene's "Langsam und Schmachtend". "Langsam und Schmachtend" is of course Wagner's "tempo marking" for the Tristan prelude and it's this that Buene uses as the "skeletal system" of this work. Indeed, it is surprising when the prelude makes its appearance on those occasions above and within Buene's sound-scape. If its not for you (but I would recommend a listen) it lasts for approximately 12.5 minutes.

After this, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra remain on stage and are joined by Christianne Stotijn in a performance of Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder plus Berg
Four Songs (Stotijn /Hamelin ) and Berg Four Pieces (Fröst /Andsnes) (note: They are oddly inter-spaced)

Alas, while the live stream is problem free I needed this to "buffer" a little while. You may do too.

There is much more to enjoy on the festival's live steaming channel and its archive so far.

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