Siegfried "The Movie" to finally enter production and Alex Alice's Siegfried gets English language release

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 10 June 2012 | 3:39:00 am

Some time ago I brought you the preproduction trailer for Alex Alice's "Siegfried", an animated movie project based on the Ring Cycle which, due to funding problems, was never made. Instead animator and graphic novelist Alex Alice began his three part graphic novel "Siegfried" which went on to achieve a number of awards -  and no little fame in France.

The series was finally concluded in 2011.

In June this year American distributer Archia will release the first graphic novel in the series in its first English language translation.

At the same time Alex Alice, has announced he will recommence production of the Siegfried movie.

Below is the North American trailer. Also included, is a preview of the new release.

For more about the up and coming American release visit: Archia
For more about Alex Alice visit: AlexAlice