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ROH To Revive Warner's Ring Cycle . Cast Details Added

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 10 July 2017 | 11:13:00 pm

No. Before you ask, we have no idea why or what either
The Royal Opera House will, once again, revive Keith Warner's, sometimes troubled, production of the Ring between  September and  November (three cycles) 2018. It will be conducted by the ROH's resident musical director Antonio Pappano. Hopefully, by next year, he will have overcome his busy schedule and boredom of listening to the Ring (reported here two years ago)  and have studied other conductors interpretations - only to expand and develop his own, of course.

Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but the following cast members can be found:

(Edit: It has been pointed out that tucked away on the ROH website is a, nearly, complete cast listing. Our apologies, Blame lazy researchers. We shall castigate them by buying them tickets to every night of the next available revival of a La bohème, conducted by a mediocre conductor. Or indeed, any conductor. For a full cast list click here and then the relevant part of the Cycle and the night you wish to attend. It will take three clicks but there you are).
Stefan Vinke as Siegfried.
Sarah Connolly as Fricka
Gerhard Siegel as Mime 
Emily Magee as Gutrune
John Lundgren as Wotan
Stuart Skelton as Siegmund
Nina Stemme as Brünnhilde
Lise Davidsen as Freie and Third Norn.


Mon 24/09/2018 Das Rheingold
Wed 26/09/2018 Die Walküre
Sat 29/09/2018 Siegfried
Mon 01/10/2018 Götterdämmerung
Tue 02/10/2018 Das Rheingold
Thu 04/10/2018 Die Walküre
Sun 07/10/2018 Siegfried
Tue 09/10/2018 Götterdämmerung
Tue 16/10/2018 Das Rheingold
Thu 18/10/2018 Die Walküre
Sun 21/10/2018 Siegfried
Wed 24/10/2018 Götterdämmerung
Fri 26/10/2018 Das Rheingold
Sun 28/10/2018 Die Walküre
Wed 31/10/2018 Siegfried
Fri 02/11/2018 Götterdämmerung