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Bavarian Arts Minister Says Festival Should Stay With Wagner Family

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 16 September 2013 | 2:16:00 am

Wolfgang Heubisch
In an interview yesterday, Bavarian Arts Minister, Wolfgang Heubisch, has said that a Wagner should continue to manage the festival. 

There has been much speculation that the present Wagner duo would be ousted from their roles as directors of the festival following a series of public relation disasters and what might be politely described as "problematic" productions - not least this years Castorf Ring cycle.

However, some are now speculating that Heubisch's latest comments means the sisters are secure in renewing their contracts next year. 

"I could not imagine a  festival management without the Wagner family," he said in an interview."It is the  Richard Wagner Festival after all" he went on.  "If you have so many family members who are involved in the arts, the Wagner gene should remain there".

Some are now suggesting that this means the present management's contracts are certain to be renewed. However, what is more telling here is Heubisch's comment regarding there being so many Wagners working in the arts - and of course he is correct. Could Bavaria, a joint owner of the Festival,  be lining up another Wagner to take over? Time will surely tell.

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