The Best Reproductions Of The Rackham Ring Cycle Prints Available?

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday, 25 April 2013 | 1:37:00 am

As regular readers will be aware, we are producing a series of "flashbooks" for any interested reader featuring Rackham's 1908 paintings based on the Ring cycle. This is being done using commonly available reproductions of these images. However, a reader has brought to our attention the following. Last year Seattle Opera posted images taken by a patron from an original 1911 edition. As you can see from the few posted below these may well be the most vivid reproductions yet available. In many ways they seem like different paintings and truly show Rackham's talent to the full.

Of interest to anyone with an interest in Rackham, the Ring or Wagner. The full set can be seen at Seattle Opera's Facebook page by clicking here. It is highly recommended you visit and view the full set. You might also want to check out  Seattle Opera's "traditional" Ring Cycle (perhaps the only cycle you will see this year close to Wagner's original wishes)  by clicking here