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Why did Katharina Wagner leave her Teatro Colon Ring?

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 21 October 2012 | 2:17:00 am

Katharina arrives at the Bayreuth opening 2012:
Arriving in an Audi sponsored VIP Car
We have  now heard two sides to this story: K Wagner says it was because Teatro Colon, was not ready, per her contract to begin rehearsals; the theatre director , Pedro Pablo Garcia Caffi, slammed a door on her and has not responded to her emails. García Caffi, on the other hand says he doesn't know what she is talking about. That the theatre is ready, that she never mentioned any thing to him and indeed thought she was only flying back to Germany briefly to sort out some business or other. The first he heard about any difficulties was reading newspaper reports. It is of course difficult to suggest exactly what might be the reason or who is to "blame.

On a completely unrelated note, over at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  journalist Öhrlein Josef points out that not being able to rehearse and direct her Teatro Colon Ring cycle might be a very good thing - for her. For those unaware, he reminds us that  she has agreed to direct Audi's "50 years of culture at Audi" at their factory in Ingolstadt on November 11 this year. This is a prestigious and important event, especially so for Bayreuth  - Audio is after all the Festival sponsor  As K Wagner said recently, "When Audi asked me to stage an anniversary program, I did not hesitate. Rarely do you have the opportunity to work with artists from all areas in such an unusual environment," This was of course after agreeing to the Teatro Colon, engagement.

Indeed, suggests  Öhrlein Josef, K Wagner  may be relieved that she does not have to begin rehearsals in Buenos Aires as doing both that and Audio may have been something of a stretch. Not being in Buenos Aires at this time allows her to give her full attention to such a large and complex event in Ingolstadt