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Nationale Reisopera's "last ever" Götterdämmerung.

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 7 October 2012 | 12:46:00 pm

 Dutch National Touring Opera  presents what may very well be its final Gotterdammerung this month (premiered Sept 27 2012) - a trailer follows. Following the announcement of a staggering 60 percent reduction in funding earlier this year. From 2013 the company will not be able to exist in its present form and a "new" Nationale Reisopera will form. This will produce "smaller" scale productions. Although those who enjoy Wagner will be pleased to know that they will be presenting a new production of Tristan in 2013. We also have it on good authority that their Ring Cycle will see light not only on on both DVD and Blu-ray but also cinemas in 2013.

While we remain firm supporters of "fixed" location companies with dedicated theatres - finding theatres that can stage the Ring for example can prove more than difficult - we are greatly saddened by the news that the Nationale Reisopera have lost their battle for funding  - and for more than the obvious reasons. Touring opera - in its many forms - is often the only manner that a large number of people will ever get to see "large scale"  opera  "live". With so many national companies located in major capitals - and with the stubborn reluctance of these companies to tour - there is a real need for those organisations that will tour.

There has been much talk in the UK, as to how companies can get "young" people to the opera house. Solutions proposed so far have included video advertising campaigns that include no opera but resemble more a trailer for the latest series of Dr Who and silly campaigns about "dressing down" (as if anyone "dressed up" to go to ROH or ENO, for example). Perhaps offering touring productions to reach those either less likely, or more likely unable to commit the expenditure to traveling and staying in a capital city would be a more constructive method?

A few tickets maybe still available for Götterdämmerung.: Full details here