Wagner Society Of Israel accuse Tel Aviv University of lying: "The excuse that they didn't know...is an outright lie"

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 | 10:54:00 am

As readers will beware by now, one of the reasons that Tel Aviv University gave for canceling this month's Wagner concert was that the founder of the Wagner Society of Israel had mislead them about the event. In a letter to Jonathan Livny they said: " "You deliberately concealed this important detail [the Wagner concert] from us, as well as the topic of the event and the exact name of the organization behind it."

However, in an interview in the todays Guardian Mr Levny has said that not only had he made full details of the event available to them but that: "The excuse that they didn't know is totally ludicrous and an outright lie"

He went on: "But that's a technicality. The issue is that here is an academic institution that is threatened daily with boycotts because of Israel's policy in the occupied territories doing exactly the same thing: imposing a boycott."

The full interview can be found here : Tel Aviv Wagner concert cancelled after wave of protest