New Novel featuring Richard Wagner: The Mastersinger from Minsk: An Inspector Hermann Preiss Mystery

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 | 11:36:00 am

Although the official release date is 18 June 2012 I have just managed to buy a copy from Amazon on Kindle in the UK. Whether international readers can, I am unsure at the moment. Alas, it has only arrived on my Kindle as I  type so I cannot comment on it yet. Once I have read it I may produce a review.

I have included a link to an interview with the author below. Also below, a link to a sample from Amazon.


The Mastersinger from Minsk: An Inspector Hermann Preiss Mystery

It is late March 1868. In Munich, composer Richard Wagner is completing his new opera Die Meistersinger von Nuremberg. It has been a difficult few years for him, and much depends upon the success of this new work. Following the tense auditions, an anonymous note warns Wagner that the premiere will be the date of his ruination.

Enter Inspector Hermann Preiss, who discovers a complication. Her name is Cornelia Vanderhoute, and she claims to have been made pregnant after a typical brief Wagner fling.

A series of murders of people involved in the new production suggests Cornelia is carrying out a deadly program of revenge. Even Wagner and his wife are threatened. Will Preiss succeed in discovering the writer of the note? Will he manage to prevent the murder of Wagner, and what will happen on the night of the premiere?

Interview with Author Morley Torgov