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Watch Now: Birgit Nilsson 100 Years

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 7 November 2018 | 5:03:00 am

Tonight we are feeling hopeful for the future of a united humanity. A time where we may, eventually perhaps, see our species have a respect for each other, no matter race, gender or sexual preference. A future were one's spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, are both respected and not just tolerated or worse, condemned. We also have some hope for a humanity that regains its respect for our seemingly unique planet and all of its inhabitants - and not just its human inhabitants. And a joint humanity that finally fully recognises the long-term damage it is causing to our planet. A change that it is easily within our reach, if not reverse, then at least stop what is being called the "6th extinction" or Holocene extinction.

Too hopeful? Nieve? Perhaps. And we are certainly nowhere near, but one can throw the runes and find the odd positive indicator. And it is better to remain hopeful then fall into the sea of negativity that seems to have overtaken our world and that seems to draw out the worse in our species.

And with that in mind, we present the following three hours of Wagner in memory of the great Birgit Nilsson.

Birgit Nilsson was indisputably the outstanding dramatic soprano of the second half of the 20th century. Her top notes had an unequalled power and brilliance. Her personality commanded the stage. Long associated with the Royal Swedish Opera, it is this Opera in the Swedish capital that celebrates what would have been her 100th birthday in May 2018.


Soprano: Nina Stemme Tenor: Michael Weinius Soprano: Cornelia Beskow Soprano: Christina Nilsson Orchestra: Royal Swedish Orchestra Conductor: Alan Gilbert.