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Listen To The 2016 Bayreuth Parsifal.

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday 15 April 2017 | 9:54:00 am

NRK KLASSISK Radio is rebroadcasting, the 2016 Bayreuth Parsifal today at 16.00 GMT
. Full details below. To listen, simply click this link. You might also have to press play, but no matter your native language, hopefully, the play icon should be universally comprehensible - top of the page. Any difficulties, facebook or tweet at us. We will try and get back to you.


Conductor Hartmut Haenchen 
Director Uwe Eric Laufenberg 
Stage Design Gisbert Jäkel 
Costumes Jessica Karge 
Lighting Reinhard Traub
Dramaturgy Richard Lorber 
Choral Conducting Eberhard Friedrich

Amfortas Ryan McKinny 
Titurel Karl-Heinz Lehner 
Gurnemanz Georg Zeppenfeld 
Parsifal Klaus Florian Vogt 
Klingsor Gerd Grochowski 
Kundry Elena Pankratova 
1. Gralsritter Tansel Akzeybek 
2. Gralsritter Timo Riihonen 
1. Knappe Alexandra Steiner 
2. Knappe Mareike Morr 
3. Knappe Charles Kim 
4. Knappe Stefan Heibach 
Klingsors Zaubermädchen Anna Siminska 
Klingsors Zaubermädchen Katharina Persicke
Klingsors Zaubermädchen Mareike Morr 
Klingsors Zaubermädchen Alexandra Steiner 
Klingsors Zaubermädchen Bele Kumberger 
Klingsors Zaubermädchen Ingeborg Gillebo 
Altsolo Wiebke Lehmkuhl