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The Wagnerians, 2015 - The Results

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 31 August 2015 | 1:19:00 am

We admit this has taken some time. Indeed, it is now nearly two years since we asked you to vote in the first semi finals - where we reduced the number of entries down from 18 to 8 in some categories. Why so long? We won't bore you with the technical difficulties, identifying and removing those voters who followed the maxim, "vote early and vote often (you know who you are) and other problems. All you really need to know its here and we have learnt how to simplify things in future years - we hope. And of course we apologise for the long wait, while at the same time thanking everyone of the very many of you that took part and voted. Honestly. Thank you.

Of course, a question remains, are the results still valid - nearly a year later?  Looking at the  results and the existent world of Wagner we think so. Yes certainly there have been some changes, but we would have to wonder if things have changed that greatly? Probably not. We shall see next year for the next awards.

Finally, very well done to all those that won.An award that has been decided by people with an extensive knowledge of Wagner - and the odd obsession - is a very difficult to one to achieve.

Wagner Book Of 2015 - Winner

The Cambridge Wagner Encyclopedia. Nicholas Vazsonyi (Editor)


Wagner App Of 2015  - Winner

"Wagner's Ring Cycle" Ipad App from Naxos


Male Performer Of 2015 - Winner

Jonas Kaufmann


Female Performer Of 2015 - Winner

Nina Stemme


Conductor Of The Year 2015 - Winner

Daniel Barenboim