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The Wagner Scrapbook - 2nd Edition

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 30 August 2015 | 9:00:00 pm

Note: Because people asked, you should now be able to download this as a PDF -  should you want. To Download Click Here

We spent a surprising amount of time trying to think what we could do for 2013. It seemed that every idea that came to us had already been developed or done in a similar way. But then by chance, we  went back to the origins of the Wagnerian. How, we thought,  would we have produced something like this during Wagner's first centenary? Without electronic media it seemed impossible. But then, an idea came to us. A very, very basic way of reproducing some of the media here could, at a stretch, be done with a very old fashioned scrapbook. And so The Wagnerian Scrapbook: The First 100 Years came into being.

A note: every article here is from a real, and at the time predominant newspaper or journal. No matter how bizarre the story, it was, at the time it was published, read as "truth" by those that may have known no better.

In here you will not only find real and very interesting "truths" but also things you might not believe that anyone would have believed. Most of the articles can be read, although one or two have been included purely for their "atmospheric qualities.

We hope, that at least someone enjoys this as much as we did putting it together - whoever you might be.