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A Quick Word From Our Editor: Wagner & Dicks vs Phalluses

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 27 August 2015 | 2:25:00 pm

I enjoy the Wagner Journal immensely - after all how could I not. It is always filled with the most interesting articles - the latest issue as much as any others. And it's often full of surprises. However, the July issue (vol.9, no.2) - I am just catching-up, its been a busy few months -  has just left me more bemused than normal.

I was happily reading an intriguing discussion about an aspect of Wagner's work taking place between a number of  renowned Wagner scholars  (Nicholas Vazsonyi, Barry Emslie, Sanna Pederson and Eva Rieger) when I reached the following comment from Sanna Paderson, 

"But I will stop there and look into dicks vs phalluses..."  

Needless to say I paused momentarily and felt the need to share with my good friends - you dear readers. If you would like to know what  lead to this investigation I can only recommend you head over the the Wagner Journal by clicking here and get your hands on a copy.

Who said that everything has already been said about Wagner?