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Wagner, The Ring and Call Of Duty?

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 9 February 2015 | 10:19:00 am

OK. We  are going to try and explain this, briefly, for most of our readers (the rest of you can go straight to the end): "Call Of Duty" is a "video game". Yes, one of those things your young nephew nodoubt tries to go back after feigning interest in your latest visit (Don't blame them. You play GTA 5 in first-person mode on a next gen console and imagine how interested you would be in them visiting you). Not just any video game, but part of that most insidious, insipid sub-genre; the FPS (First Person Shooter). For reasons only understood by COD and Battlefield players, this sub-genre is incredible popular and successful.

Now, whenever, a game or game series is popular - especially on consoles - you can be sure -  as sure as Wotan's grandson will chase  bears in the woods -  that soon after a games release, publishers will bled it as dry as they can. Since the last gen consoles this has been in the form of DLC (Downloadable Content). Essentially, DLC is more of the game that extends its life (and some of us would argue was clearly ripped from the original game so publishers can get more money for it - but that is for another discussion).COD games are littered with DLC. The latest of which for COD (COD: Modern Warfare to be precise - we will tell you about that another time but it does "star" Kevin Spacey doing his best "Frank Underwoood" without breaking copyright)  But listen to this. Want to impress the "youth" in your family? With Wagner related goodness? Then check that they have the latest "Havoc" DLC. Its the one with the Exo Zombie (Honestly. You don't want to know. But if they are daft enough to like COD, they most likely will have it).

Ok. Now watch the video below. Note the sequence of events that unlock the Wagner related "easter-egg" (being described on certain gaming forums as a "song" - makes you weep doesn't it?) within the DLC. Not only will they be impressed but at least you will have something worthwhile to listen to while they slaughter all of those poor "exo zombies".

Don't ever say that you didn't learn anything by visiting here. Not that we have ever guaranteed anything learned would be worthwhile, mind you.