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Ben Heppner Retires From The Stage

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 21 May 2014 | 5:33:00 pm

Sad news. Having interviewed  one of the great Siegfried's, we can assure you that he maybe one of the most pleasant and "down to earth" people in the opera "business" (Read it here if you have not). We also had the opportunity to hear him only two years ago in WNO's Tristan und Isolde where he was  in more than fine form - where he also brought forth an aspect of Tristan's character we had hardly considered.

He announced his retirement thus:

"After much consideration, I've decided the time has come for a new era in my life. I'm setting aside my career as an opera and concert singer.

I wish to thank the countless people who inspired me, supported me and encouraged me to embark on a fantastic journey over the past 35 years. A million thanks to those who hired me. Most importantly, I want to thank everyone who ever bought a ticket.

I'm really enjoying my time on CBC Radio as host of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera and Backstage with Ben Heppner, and look forward to what the future has in store."