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The Wagnerian Readers Choice Awards - 2013. Stage 1 Semi Finals: The Singers

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 16 December 2013 | 3:39:00 pm

Most awards in the arts are provided by experts and critics in that field. Alas, few, if any, rely on the opinions of those that listen to and attend performances - the odd "listeners/readers" choice winner aside. However, we are more than aware of our many readers expertise in the area of Wagner performances, recordings, artist, books, etc. We thus present the first annual "The Wagnerian Readers Choice Awards" dedicated to those that have "shone" in some part of the "Wagnerian world"

With this in mind, we  recently asked readers on both Twitter and Facebook, to nominate performers for the categories of both Male & Female Wagner Artists Of 2013 - those performers of whom readers felt merited special attention for their work in 2013. The aim of this was to then enter these to a readers poll made available to all readers. The responses were many and various and left us with so many artists that we felt asking readers to select one in the final poll was somewhat unfair.

With this in mind, we now ask all readers  to take just one minute to complete the following poll, selecting at the most six of the various artists initially put forward. Those 6 with the greatest number of votes will then enter the final poll to begin shortly - most likely now in January.

The poll only takes about a minute at most, requires no registration and will take no personal details.

To Take Part Please Click Here 
Or Complete The Form Below (A special treat awaits, for everyone that completes the poll)