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"None" Wagner Concert Disrupted But Not Stopped

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 22 December 2013 | 2:49:00 pm

Peaceful protesters outside of the event
As previously noted, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, found that the only way it could note Wagner 200 in Israel was by not playing his work. Instead they chose to stage a concert program named, "The Case: Wagner" During this, rather than Wagner, they looked at those thought to have influenced or been influenced him. This was accompanied with a conference entitled “Talking about Wagner” wherein there was an analysis of Wagner's writings, thoughts and music (if not performed) - all within the context of his times. It then concluded by debating whether the boycott in Israel of Wagner's music should  continue.

As one might expect, anything do with Wagner draws controversy in Israel. This was represented by a peaceful protest outside of the venue by a small group of youthful protesters. However, less welcome in a democratic country such as Israel, was Ram Carmi, the owner of a Jerusalem music shop, who climbed the stage shouting, "Dachau, Auschwitz, Kapos" According to Haaretz he then proceeded to sing Israel’s national anthem and , threatened to fight anyone who might try to remove him.

He responded to panel members trying to calm him by accusing them of being Nazi sympathisers. He told Yair Stern, CEO of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, "You defile the memory of your father, who was murdered so I could speak here today"

He was eventually removed by the police.

Haaretz carried the following video of the disruption, A review of the event can be found by clicking the following link: The Jerusalem Post