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Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Perform Wagner Concert But With No Wagner

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 14 November 2013 | 7:01:00 am

Theodor Herzl.: Founder Of Zionism &; Wagnerian
The playing of Wagner's music in Israel is of course not "banned" - at least officially. But it it is nearly impossible for anyone there to attempt a public performance of his work - as was reconfirmed last year when the Wagner Society of Israel tried to do such a thing. How then, might the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra note Wagner 200? It seems, that the only way to do so is to stage a concert program named, "The Case: Wagner" that will simply play none of Wagner's music. Instead, they will play work by both those thought to have influenced him and been influenced him. This will include: Nietzsche (Nietzsche as the composer, not Nietzsche as highly misogynistic philosopher), Weber, Halévy, Beethoven, Marchner and Liszt- Chausson, Richard Strauss, Schoenberg and Mahler.

Surrounding this, will be an analysis of Wagner's writings, thoughts and music (if not performed) - all within the context of his times. It will conclude by debating whether the boycott is right to continue - or not.


Wed, 18 December 20:00 | THe Henry Crown Hall, Jerusalem
A program combining lectures and concerts featuring pre- and post-Wagnerian composers, including compositions byNietzsche, Weber, Halévy, Marschner, Liszt (pre-Wagner),Chausson, Richard Strauss, Schönberg and Mahler (post-Wagner)

Frédéric Chaslin, conductor
Efrat Ashkenazi, soprano
Shiri Hershkovitz, soprano

Beethoven - Leonore: Overture
Halevi - La Juive: Duet of Rachel and Eudoxie
Weber - Der Freischütz: Overture
Marchner - Der Vampire: Overture
Ernst Reyer - Sigurd: Overture
Debussy - Pelleas et Melisande (arr.: Marius Constant)
Chausson - Symphony in B Flat minor: 3rd Movement