Riccardo Chailly To Take Over From Barenboim At La Scala?

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday, 17 October 2013 | 7:00:00 pm

Riccardo Chailly is to take over from Daniel Barenboim when he steps down as La Scala's Music Director in 2017 - perhaps before. Or so says Armando Torno over at Corriere.

It has not been officially announced yet because Chailly may take over earlier - if Barenboim steps down before his contract ends at the close of 2016. Although, no mention as to why Barenboim would step down early. Corriere does say the board has decided upon Chailly. It seems the appointment is linked to the new superintendent, Alexander Pereira, who will take over from Stéphane Lissner next year.

Corriere note that Chailly's appointment " undoubtedly gives La Scala a new profile." Which is no-doubt true and perhaps Wagner's profile there also?