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Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 1 August 2013 | 2:55:00 am

We often receive requests to recommend Rings cycles, Wagner books, etc.  For sometime we have considered the best way to try and provide a list of items that we either recommend or we thought might be of some interest - even if they were not necessarily on our "must have list" and occasionally are items we rarely turn to.

So far, the best way of us doing this, without taking a great deal of time - was using what Amazon calls its "associates program". In simple terms this allows us to use an amazon API to create a sort of Amazon Wagner "store".

However, there is a problem for us in using this. That is that we receive a commission for each item sold. And, as regular readers will be aware we are a none profit site. You see the problem?

Nevertheless, it still, for now seems the best way of doing this. Thus readers can click the link below and be sent to our list of suggested Wagner "products".

However, we must give the following information and disclaimers:

Any product ordered will not be ordered from "The Wagnerian" but from Amazon and thus any enquires about delivery, returns, payment, etc are to be made to Amazon - not us.

We make commission on anything you buy and as we are not especially concerned about "making money" recommend that you also look at other sources for anything you are interested in. This is especially so with books and CDs where your local independent retailer may be in more  need of your "hard earned cash" than Amazon is. Treat as simply a recommended list and you will probable not go to far wrong.

It links to Amazon UK only. We may consider linking to Amazon across the world later. But for now, we stress again, to simply treat it as a recommendation list and shop around. Plus its useful in that it should allow you to sample most music or books before buying.

And so, with that in mind: