Listen Now: Why Wagner May Murder You In Your Bed

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday, 2 August 2013 | 2:12:00 am

Wagnerian in renames site The Portillian shock?

The Moral Maze is a radio programme on BBC Radio 4, broadcast since 1990. Four regular panellists discuss moral and ethical issues relating to a recent news story. Michael Buerk delivers a preamble launching the topic, then introduces the first witness. The debate is often combative and guest witnesses may be cross-examined aggressively.

This weeks question to the house: "Is Wagner’s music morally tainted by his anti-semtism?"

Be warned, you may never hear such nonsense, faulty reasoning and sheer fantasy about Wagner in one room and in only 43 minutes.

Although we have to admit that Michael Portillo has just become our hero. Don't blame us if we start a fan club. Click play below