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ROH Unveils 2013/14 season trailer. It has opera in it shock!

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 28 April 2013 | 11:16:00 pm

We were perhaps a little "critical" of the ROH 2012/2013 season trailer video. In our defence, this was because it contained no actual opera music. But things are much better in the new video. Much better indeed.  Throwing away their advertising agency it seems that they have managed to produce something far more interesting "in-house".

You may or may not like it - we do - but it does mange to contain both opera and ballet. And consist of an intriguing concept. Not that we have any idea what its about mind.  And no irritating "techno" playing over it. So at least we know this isn't the 90's.

Still, we feel somewhat saddened for the youtube commentator who says: "Wanna see this!" Bless.

Anyway, well done ROH marketing and press. See? We can be nice on occasion. Now, lets see what happens with Parsifal later this year.

A seedy motel room, a tender pas de deux from The Royal Ballet’s Sabina Westcombe and Tristan Dyer, and an impassioned cross-dressed channelling of the great Maria Callas.

The trailer references the latest brochure cover image and was directed by Royal Opera House Audio-Visual Producer Tom Turner.

‘The film is primarily about transposing the sensation experienced by the audience, dancers, singers and musicians during a performance’, says Tom, ‘it aims to bottle that feeling of being fully committed and lost in the moment.’

‘I’ve tried to create a narrative that draws on the emotional connection performers and audience experience through our art forms. There is a sense of voyeurism in how we see this very intimate scene, in the same way artists and musicians deliver their heart and soul during a performance.’

 The film was wholly created in house, drawing on the talent and resources within the Royal Opera House and filmed in one of The Royal Opera's cavernous rehearsal rooms.