The Wagnerian Recommends: the best of the Wagner Web 1: Think Classical

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 5 November 2012 | 1:01:00 am

The first of a number of features where I will attempt to suggest Wagner (or closely related) websites that you may not be aware of, starting with "Think Classical"

I have to admit to spending far too much time on this site since - to my shame - discovering it only recently. Although, as the author admits (and as its name might suggest)  it is not purely a Wagner website.  it does tend to cover (thankfully) very little else.

It should be noted that it is neither a news site or a music review site. Instead it tends to consist of highly erudite discussions of Wagner's work - with a fair smattering of book reviews. And this is not a reviewer who would be described as a "passive" reader or reviewer.  If you have a book on Wagner that you like and  consider of value then beware; Think Classical will pursue its arguments with rigour. Turning to the original German sources - including Wagner's -  translating them into what is finally readable English to "fling" them back with some gusto at the lazy author who assumes no one will ever check these things

You may not agree with everything the author says but at least you will have enjoyed pursuing your  disagreement

Some of the best writing on Wagner since - and in a similar vein to -  G B Shaw. Honestly. Highly recommended.