Now available: Watch on-demand - Tristan und Isolde - Wide Open Opera. Till 12/11/12

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday, 12 October 2012 | 12:00:00 pm

Only available till Monday the 12 November  You should catch this while you can. A quick registration is required but seems to be of little issue.

As we type, Wide Open Opera's first Tristan und Isolde is part way through its last performance. Before going into any more details we would like to note a number of achievements and firsts being made here:

1 - Ireland's first Tristan in nearly 50 years

2 - The first Tristan to feature an Irish Isolde

3 - Ireland's first Tristan with a full orchestra and uncut score.

4 - The first "homegrown" Wagner drama in Ireland that was streamed free on the internet.

5 - A full run of Tristan with an international cast by a company that did not exist 12 months ago

To now add to this list, Wide Open Opera will be the first such company (in association with Platform Ireland) , and perhaps one of the few in the world (along with Glyndebourne and small number of others) , that will make the recorded live stream freely available - internationally "on-demand" from Monday 8th October. One supposes if one is going to make a number of firsts that's one way to do it.

To watch now click the link below (a quick but painless registration is required) - and might we suggest you keep a close eye on this company. Especially so, as their art director has promised a Ring Cycle in the relatively near future?