The Wagners Speak: Dutchman at the cinema, Castorf is great and no tickets for Wagner Societies

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday, 13 September 2012 | 6:59:00 pm

Katharina Wagner, is giving interviews again. You can read the full interview - in German alas -  here. However, while there is much to be found within it,  here are  a few nuggets to wet your appetite - if both badly translated and summarized alas.

Despite being available in only one cinema (the Warwick Arts Center in the UK) outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland This years cinema relay of Parsifal was a "great success" (The Wagnerian may bore you someday with the the confused (and bewildering) conversation regarding its lack of availability world wide - that took place with its distributors). Indeed so successful was it that next years Dutchman will also receive a cinema relay in 2013. Whether this relay will extend beyond a cycle shack in Stoke Newington is yet to be confirmed. Should you get to said cycle shed in Stoke Newington there will however be an interview with the conductor in the interval.

When asked why ticket demand has declined it seems it may all be the Wagner Societies fault. Admittedly she coincided this maybe because Bayreuth have withdrawn the Socities ticket allocation and thus they are not ordering anymore (?).

Both Wagner sisters are enjoying themselves tremendously and intend to stay till at least 2015

They are very happy with the choice of Frank Castorf as director of 2013 Ring Cycle (there is a Shakespeare quote that might fit here but I shall refrain. However,  if you wished to search it out you might want to have a look at Hamlet, Act III, scene II),