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ROH unveils 2012/13 season trailer - but who needs opera?

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday 18 September 2012 | 4:13:00 am

Its an Opera house - honest.
Some people accuse us of giving London's two big house's "a hard time" but honestly we are often left bewildered. And sometimes they do seem to be "asking for it". Perhaps it's our age?

We  have of course commented on the ROH's new advertising campaign previously. For example, putting poor old Jonas Kaufmann in a boxing ring with some cliched "techno" playing in the background  (although, at least they didn't make him wear a leopard-skin "jump suit" like another "house" we might mention) But today, the ROH have surpassed anything they have done in the past. Their latest video, to promote the 2012/2013 autumn season, features nothing related to opera at all.Zilch, nada, nothing, zero. Even Peter Gelb's bunch managed to get some opera in their trailer.

Possibly the most substantial arts media budget in the country and what do we get? Well, why not press play below and see. Of course you might enjoy it. It could, after all, be just us. We never were "down with the kids". But, if you don't agree: "Do we look bothered? Bothered? Me? Bothered?

The BBC unveils the latest trailer for Dr Who. Um..perhaps not

One does wonder one supposes, if it would have already received so many youtube "likes" if they had been a little more honest and posted the following as a more reflective trailer? As "cool"? Perhaps not. But since when was honesty important in 21st century arts marketing?