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International Wagner Conference 2013: " Richard Wagner’s Impact on His World and Ours"

Written By The Wagnerian on Thursday 9 August 2012 | 11:49:00 am

To mark the 200th anniversary in May 2013 of the birth of Richard Wagner, the School of Music, University of Leeds, in collaboration with Opera North, will host the international conference ‘Richard Wagner’s Impact on His World and Ours’ held on 30 May-2 June 2013, under the auspices of the ground-breaking DARE initiative.

Few aspects of late nineteenth-century and subsequent cultural developments remain untouched by Wagner’s influence. The conference seeks to place this influence in context, embracing the multitude of artistic and non-artistic disciplines that have felt the composer’s impact. The programme committee is currently considering proposals for multi-disciplinary presentations and workshops that deal with many aspects of Wagner studies.

The full programme is under construction and will be announced soon, but many of the following themes will be covered over the course of the conference:

Wagner and Literature
Wagner and the Theatre
Wagner and the New World
Wagner and Eastern Europe
Wagner and Israel
Wagner in Performance
Wagner and Cinema
Wagner and the Future

The keynote lectures will be delivered by Barry Millington, entitled ’200 Not Out: Wagner the Ultimate All-rounder’; Michael Ewans, entitled ‘Vision and Stagecraft in two ground-breaking productions of the Ring, by Patrice Chéreau and Francesca Zambello’; and Heath Lees, entitled ‘Transformation at Tribschen: how a French literary trio became a Wagnerian musical trio’.

Tony Palmer, the director of the feature film ‘The Wagner Family’, will screen his highly controversial film accompanied by a discussion session.

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