Listen Now: Gotterdammerung. Paris Opera 2011. Kerl, Dalayman. Paterson, etc

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday, 2 June 2012 | 9:20:00 pm

If todays broadcast for Tristan und Isolde (see item below this) has left you in the mood for some more live Wagner (although as I type we have only now entered act 3 of Tristan) you might be interested in the broadcast below from Latvia Radio 3 which is presently "on demand" in its archive following todays broadcast and is likely to do so for a little while. As we will assume your Latvian is not very good, you may click either of the links below to launch the stream. The first will launch your Realplayer the second Windows Media player (or whatever defaults you have set to manage either of these streaming audio types). Tested here within Linux and either works well.


Torsten Kerl.... Siegfried
Iain Paterson.... Gunther
Peter Sidhom.... Alberich
Hans-Peter König.... Hagen
Katarina Dalayman.... Brünnhilde
Christiane Libor.... Gutrune/Third Norn
Sophie Koch.... Waltraute
Nicole Piccolomini.... First Norn/Flosshilde
Caroline Stein.... Woglinde
Daniela Sindram.... Wellgunde
Paris National Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Philippe Jordan (conductor).