Jane Eaglen & Jay Hunter Morris in new Ring Cycle 2013

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday, 8 June 2012 | 8:44:00 pm

Well, David Seaman’s abridged version to be precise. Being put together by the Minnesota Concert Opera and supported by The Richard Wagner Society of the Upper Midwest , with an already impressive looking cast this maybe one to keep an eye on. Release from RWSUM below. Follow the link for more details

Encouraging performances of Wagner’s works is a significant portion of the mission of The Richard Wagner Society of the Upper Midwest (RWSUM). RWSUM has agreed to support The Minnesota Concert Opera, in presenting two performances of David Seaman’s abridged version of Wagner’s Ring Cycle performed in concert format. On April 4, 2012, the RWSUM Board of Directors met with renowned singer Dennis Petersen and Founder of The Minnesota Concert Opera, Stanford Felix to discuss the possibility of a 4-hour “mini-Ring” performance at The Goodale Theater in the Cowles Center in Minneapolis. The proposed and so far assembled cast is:

Jane Eaglen: Brunnhilde/Wellgunde

Greer Grimsley: Wotan/Gunter

Lauretta Bybee (married to Greer): Fricka/Flosshilde

Richard Paul Fink: Alberich/Fasolt

Sally Wolfe: Wogline/Freia/Sieglinde/Woodbird/Guntrune

Kevin Langen: Fafner/Hagen/Hunding

Jay Hunter Morris: Siegried/Siegmund/Froh

Dennis Petersen: Mime/Loge

Jonathan Khuner: Conductor

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