The BBC may keep its orchestras after all - but savings must be made to allow quality BBC1 programming

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 18 June 2012 | 5:36:00 pm

Over at "The Arts Journal" Norman Lebrecht is reporting the much feared BBC review of its orchestras and performing groups has concluded - and the news may not be that bad after all.

It seems that the report recommends the retention of all 6 of the BBC's ensembles, including: BBC Concert Orchestra, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, BBC Singers and BBC Symphony Orchestra.

However, they will still need to save £2.1 million by 2016/7.

This last recommendation is most likely to allow the BBC to continue to produce quality programming such as:

Pointless Celebrities (this may either be a TV show or a description of much of BBC 1's weekend schedule - we are somewhat unsure)

Holby (a "realistic medical "drama"wherein medical staff can often be found entering the CT Scanner with worried patients)

The National Lottery: in it to win it which consists of  watching a bunch of balls move around randomly (again this maybe a program or a description of the BBC's weekend schedule).

Saturday Kitchen (because in a country with a growing obesity problem we really need more cookery programing).

Bargain Hunt Wherein people that look like Arthur Daly's "iffy" relatives buy a load of junk and sell it to even less intelligent people than those watching.

Read Lebrecht's own full commentary here