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London's "other" Ring Cycle premieres Die Walkure, May 2012 plus revival of Rheingold

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 2 May 2012 | 11:12:00 am

Fulham Opera: Rheingold 2011
Last year brought us the premiere of one of the most unusual Rheingolds in Wagner history: Fulham Opera's fully staged performance in a church - to piano accompaniment and with a cast of professionals. At the time I interviewed Fulham's Musical Director Ben Woodward (see here). During this we discussed the possibility of a full cycle in 2013. This was then later confirmed earlier this year and will take place during summer 2013. We also noted that Walkure would premiere this year (dates below). However, we can now also reveal that the Wagner Society are promoting a special one day "rerun" this year of Rheingold on Sunday 24th June (details below and tickets available from the Wagner Society). Also, as they gear-up for two full cycles in 2013 there will be a "half cycle" in September this year (again details below).

In the run-up to this, the Wagnerian will bring a number of "special features" on this project over the next few months including: A review summery of last years Rheingold, a further interview with Ben Woodward, a god and goddess speak and other items. In the meantime, check the links below and then book a ticket for a very extraordinary Ring Cycle.


22, 23, 25 and 27 May 2012.

Siegmund:  TBC | Sieglinde:  Laura Hudson | Hunding: Oliver Hunt | Wotan:  Ian Wilson-Pope | Brunnhilde: Zoe South | Fricka:  TBC | Helmwige:  Janet Fischer | Gerhilde:  Lisajane Ellis | Ortlinde:  Alexa Mason | Waltraute:  Jemma Brown | Siegrune:  Sara Wallander-Ross | Grimgerde:  Nuria Luterbacher | Rossweisse:  Rhonda Browne | Schwertleite:  Cathy Bell

Stage Director:  Fiona Williams 

Music Director and Pianist:   Benjamin Woodward 

Booking information and times: Fulham Opera


June 24 2012

Woglinde:  Zoë South / Wellgunde:  Alexa Mason 
Flosshilde   & Erda:   Sara Gonzalez
Alberich:  Robert Presley / Fricka:  Elizabeth Russo
Wotan:  Ian Wilson - Pope / Freia:   Jennie Witton
Fasolt:  Oliver Hunt /  Fafner:  John Woods 
Froh:  Stuart Laing  /  Donner:   Dario Dugandzic
Loge:   Brian Smith- Walters / Mime:   Ian Massa - Harris  

Stage Director:  Fiona Wi lliams 

Music Director and Pianist:   Benjamin Woodward

Ticket information and details: Wagner Society.