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Documentary on the of making of Keith Warner's ROH Siegfried

Written By The Wagnerian on Saturday 19 May 2012 | 2:30:00 pm

Alas, this is from the previous run in 2007, but as this years ROH Ring is a revival perhaps still valid to some degree.

This is a behind-the-scenes documentary, which shows the rehearsal period of the recent production of Richard Wagner's opera Siegfried, at The Royal Opera House in London. It is directed by Keith Warner, conducted by Antonio Pappano and stars John Treleaven as Siegfried, Sir John Tomlinson as Wotan and Lisa Gasteen as Brunnhilde. This 20 minute short documentary explores Keith Warner's artistic approach to this piece and demonstrates the great amount of effort that goes into such a production. Both the performers and the entire artistic crew work closely with the director, to bring his vision of Wagner's masterpiece onto stage.

Language: English
Length: 20 mins
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Siegfried: John Treleaven
Wotan: Sir John Tomlinson
Brunnhilde: Lisa Gasteen
Mime: Gerhard Sigel
Fafner: Philip Ens
Alberich: Peter Sidhom
Woodbird: Sarah Fox
Erda: Jane Henschel
Conductor: Antonio Pappano
Director: Keith Warner

Producer, Director, Camera Operator: Lawrence Richards
Editor: Thomas Roecker