LFO's Siegfried, Daniel Brenna, to make Bayreuth debut in 2013.

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 | 3:35:00 pm

As regular readers maybe aware I was something of a fan of Daniel Brenna's very youthful Siegfried at LFO back in July.. With that in mind, it is good to note that the Wagners seemed impressed also, as he will be making his debut at Bayreuth in 2013 when Das Liebesverbot premieres there for the first time, taking the central role of Claudio. Of course not even the present occupiers would perform  this early work in the Festspielhaus itself (goodness knows what the acoustics there would do with that overture) but as reported here it will be performed just down the hill at Bayreuth Oberfrankenhalle. and of course also in Leipzig. Nevertheless, it remains firmly  part of the 2013 festival - under the auspices of the Wagners.

Now, as regular readers will also be aware I will take any excuse to play the overture from Das Liebesverbot and with that in mind:

Wolfgang Sawallisch & Bavaria State Orchestra.