Why Gary Lehman won't be the MET's Siegfried and what's next

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday, 24 October 2011 | 12:42:00 am

Still wondering why Lehman  pulled from one of opera's 'premiere" appearances - as Siegfried in the MET's new production? In an interview his manger Brian Jauhiainen has now stated it is the result of an "an energy-sapping virus" he caught after eating seafood while on tour in October 2010. It seems  that while he thought he had  recovered fully, during rehearsals for Siegfried he found he was still feeling weak..

Jauhianen went on to say, "He’s (Lehman) physically exhausted" and felt Siegfried was not the best way to return to the stage. “The Met decided in consultation with us that this was the prudent thing to do. He was prepared but the body would not allow him to do it.” He stressed this was a joint decision between Lehman and the MET. He did however expect Lehman to perform in Götterdämmerung later this season and the entire Ring Cycle in 2012.

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