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The Wagnerian at Twylah - help needed

Written By The Wagnerian on Tuesday 27 September 2011 | 6:49:00 pm

As more observant readers may have noticed I am interested in the use of "social media" as a way of spreading Wagner related media. And with this aim I use a variety of said media - even when I am not that keen with all of it - such as Facebook and Google plus. However, I do like twitter, because it is quick, information can be spread easily and quickly and accommodates so called "media rich" content easily. The problem with Twitter however, is that not everyone is comfortable using it or even grasp how it works well enough to invest time in getting to know its intricacies. I have tried to address some of this using Ipaper, and while I think this has been somewhat successful, by its nature - and my time restrictions - it cannot cover every item of useful information to be found on Twitter.

With this in mind I was actually somewhat pleased to be invited to a beta test of Twylah. This is a short of twitter aggregater - come twitter homepage - of ones twitter account and tweets and retweets that is a lot more "user friendly" than twitter itself - especially for none twitter users. It also, organisies ones tweets by subject matter. Mine for example include: OPERA, WAGNER, PARSIFAL, BAYREUTH, TRISTAN, ETC.

Anyway, I am still testing it out at the moment but would be keen for feedback - especially as to whether it is of any use or not. 

If you get the time, please have a look by clicking below and letting me know: