Sir John Tomlinson stands in as Wotan in a church! Walkure: The St Endellion Summer Festival - Friday 5th August 2011:

Written By The Wagnerian on Friday, 5 August 2011 | 1:40:00 pm

Sorry, for being late with this -it's been a VERY hectic week: It is the last night of the St Endellion Summer Festival today and as a last minute stand in for Robert Hayward, Sir John Tomlinson will perform as Wotan! This maybe the only opportunity anyone will get to hear the legendary Tomlinson, the next ROH Brunnhilde - Susan Bullock and Longborough's next Brunnhilde - Rachel Nicholls; Grange Park's Tristan Richard Berkeley-Steele, plus Sara FulgoniAndrew Slater - and others I have not got the time to mention - perform Walkure, in a church, for a maximum seat price of around 23 pound!

I think it is sold out but you could always give the box office a ring for returns -assuming you can get down there for a five pm start today

Full details here

Or go directly to the festival website by clicking here