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ROH: Ring Cycle 2012 - the cast, the conductor, the production? Maybe.

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday 3 August 2011 | 11:56:00 am

Warner's (not Wagner's?) Walkure
Update: Full cast list for all four operas can now be found by clicking here

I think as we are all aware by now  the ROH will a have a "ring" theme to their productions in 2012. In a BBC interview  Pappano said:
 "I thought we could... do the Trans, which is a Greek story written by a Frenchman which is a fivehour spectacular, (Ed: It has something do with Rings apparently) "There's the Trittico, three operas of Puccini, that's a mini Ring. There's Mozart's Ring, the Da Ponte operas — the Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte."
See, operas solely associated with rings (Olympic Rings. Get it? Must have taken marketing, I don't know, minutes over lunch to come-up with that theme? Although what groups of three - except for Wagner's Ring. and even that would really be four - has to do with rings is beyond me). Of course, and of interest to us no doubt, no opera Ring theme would be complete without Wagner's very own Ring.

Tickets go on sale to general public this October - Tuesday the 25th to be precise. Given this, details of the production are of course rushing out at us from Covent Garden: Cast, crew, dates, etc. Well, actually no. Indeed, the only official news from the ROH is that it is a revival of Keith Warner's Ring Cycle and an official announcement, they promise, will be made in the next few months or so - the day before tickets go on sale perhaps?

But wait, this is the 21st century and the internet is present to scupper the closely laid plans of any marketing team - including the ROH. Alas, not all of the details, cast, etc - just some. And they may or may not be correct - I couldn't confirm of course

Remember, you heard it hear first (if you did)  - unless they are all wrong in which case I know nothing about it.


A revival of Keith Warner's Ring Cycle.


September to November 2012 (rumours of three complete cycles but that really is rumour of a rumour)


Conductor - Antonio Pappano (hardly a surprise really)
Alberich - Wolfgang Koch (following his début as Hans Sachs at the ROH latter this year)
Brunnhilde - Susan Bullock (back again)
Siegmund - Simon O'Neill (Following his appearance as Walter in Meistersinger at the ROH later this year and prior to his appearance with the ROH in their production of Parsifal in 2013 (Oh, didn't I mention the ROH Parsifal - due to go into rehearsal in October 2013? All nonsense I am sure)
Gerhilde - Alwyn Mellor  (Also covering Susan Bullock)
Froh - Andrew Rees
Wotan - Bryn Terfel.