Nike Wagner criticises Bayreuth's new production of Tannhäuser & prophecies the end of a Wagner clan dominated Bayreuth

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 24 August 2011 | 7:44:00 pm

In an interview in Bunte, Nike Wagner (never shy of criticising Bayreuth it must be said) criticises Bayreuth's new Tannhäuser production (but she would hardly be alone there).While she insists that  not only must one experiment with Wagner productions but one has to, she says the Baumgarten/Van Lieshout production simply does not work - with nothing fitting together. She goes as far as to suggest that the production should not be revived.

She also maintains that the type of productions being staged by Bayreuth have begun to show the weakness in a  festival being managed by the Wagner family. According to Nike, this is not what Wagner had in mind but is something of Cosima's design. The future of Bayreuth that she sees, is one without a Wagner at the helm. The dynastic principle has now shown it's weaknesses" she concluded