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Das Rheingold, in a Church, in Fulham? August - Sept 2011

Written By The Wagnerian on Monday 22 August 2011 | 11:31:00 pm

As you may have noticed, I love opera productions - and especially Wagner productions - "off the beaten track". Don't get me wrong, the MET, La Scala, ROH, ENO, Bayreuth, etc, etc, are all fun (and I wouldn't be without them) but some of the most interesting "Wagner nights" have been in places you would least expect and this year has provided some fine ones. LFO, Grange Park and most unusual off all Walkure at St Endellion - a church in Cornwall. Now, to be honest, I thought St Endellion would beat everything - in the unusual location stakes - but just when you think you have heard everything - Rheingold in a Church in Fulham? With a young cast? With the orchestra replaced with the piano score?    This looks like one of those productions it might simply be silly to miss - especially at ten pound a ticket. What's  to lose?. If your in London at the time...

Now, I have to say this nearly flew below my relatively acute Wagner radar and so I have only just contacted the organisers to get more information. However, given that the première is only a few weeks away, I thought I would provide you as much information as I could find - more when I get it.


Fulham Opera

As they describe themselfs: "Fulham Opera is West London's Premier Independent Opera Company. Affiliated with Music@theHeartofFulham, we exist to produce great opera in a fantastic space."

Artistic Director is Ben Woodward. Since becoming artistic director he has instituted a recital series, conducted and played several operas - includeing Act 2 of Parsifal in 2010 - the Mozart Requiem and St John Passion, and two performances of Tallis's 40-voice motet, Spem in Alium for Fulham Week.


Woglinde: - Zoë South
Wellgunde: - Elizabeth Capener
Flosshilde: - Sara Gonzalez
Alberich: - Robert Presley
Fricka: - Liz Russo
Wotan: - Ian Wilson-Pope
Freia: - Elizabeth Capener
Fasolt: - Peter Brooke (30th & 31st Aug) Oliver Hunt (2nd & 4th Sept)
Fafner: - John Woods
Froh: - Stuart Laing
Donner: - Stephen Svanholm
Loge: - Brian Smith-Walters
Mime: - Ian Massa-Harris
Erda: - Sara Gonzalez

Stage Director:Fiona Williams

Musical Director:Benjamin Woodward


30th, 31st August,  2nd & 4th September. 19:30 Start

More Info: Fullham Opera