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The Wagnerian Weekly - Vol 1, Issue 1 - Introduction and rational.

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday 17 July 2011 | 7:29:00 pm

I have this daft, and ongoing,  idea to try and publish as much Wagner news in one place as possible. This is in part because that  - despite a number of excellent Wagner sites on the net - there has not as yet been one that is updated daily with the wide range of useful minutia of Wagner news to be found out there. This is something that I have often sought and thus this "project" is as much for myself as anyone else - hence its no doubt "eccentricities"

This blog has now become an important part of this but I have found that not only is Twitter a useful medium for transmitting ideas and news but that there are simply things that work better "twitted" as links rather than reprinted here - time of course is also an issue,  as twitting is a very quick way to pass on useful information. However, I also realise  that some people are not overly familiar - or indeed happy - with or using twitter. Equally, as I know from my own experience, items that you might be interested in, can easily become lost in the "background noise" that is an important part of the twitter "experience"

With this all of this in mind, I have begun to use to consolidate alot of the information I presently spread between here and twitter and to "publish" this on a weekly basis. I am still becoming familiar and it's capabilities and limitations. At the moment, it includes only information that I have specifically "put out there or shared. When I grow more familiar with it I shall try to incorporate more information sources. Thus think of This as a "beta project" at the moment.

Issue one found here. I am aware that there are many of these around so if anyone has any suggestions to improve then please let me knew.

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