Parsifal In A Foundry? New Production -Estonian National Opera - Tallinn, Estonia - 25 - 28 August 2011

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 1 June 2011 | 9:30:00 pm

Part of the NARGENFESTIVAL 2011. This year Tallinn is the European Capital of Culture 2011 and to celebrate The Estonian National Opera will premier a new production of Parsifal.

Noblessner Foundry is a post-industrial entertainment venue that is contained in an old building in Tallin. Enjoying an enviable proximity to the waterside, it hosts numerous festivals like Tallin's Maritime Days and the the Nargen Festival.


Noblessner Foundry,


Parsifal – Richard Decker (U.S.A)/Roman Sadnik (Austria)

Gurnemanz – Manfred Hemm (Germany)/Richard Wiegold (UK)

Kundry – Irmgard Vilsmaier (Germany)/Magdalena Anna Hofmann (Austria)

Amfortas – Eike Wilm Schulte (Germany)/Rauno Elp

Klingsor – Martin Winkler (Austria)

Titurel – Koit Soasepp (Finnish National Opera)/Priit Volmer


Music Director and Conductor: Arvo Volmer
Conductor: Risto Joost
Stage Director: Nicola Raab (Germany)
Associate Director and Fight Choreographer: Ran Arthur Braun (Israel)
Designer: Robert Innes Hopkins (UK)
Lighting Designer: David Cunningham (Scotland)


25, 26, 27, 28 August 2011

More Information: Estonian National Opera (check the blog, very interesting)

Sung in German, with subtitles in Estonian and English