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Brunnhilde Speaks - or at least writes: Debra Voigt

Written By The Wagnerian on Wednesday, 1 June 2011 | 6:23:00 pm

Debra Voigt to Publish Her Memoirs

According to the New York Times, the MET's latest Brunhilda has sold the rights to her memoirs to Harper Collins. Presently entitled “True Confessions of a Down to Earth Diva,” it's due to hit a bookstore, supermarket shelf or Kindle near you sometime in 2013.
Deborah Voigt in 2001 and today
Voigt first as Aida in 2001 and then 5 years later in  Salome

But why do it and why now? She is hardly at the end of her career after all. Voigt said: “It’s time for me to step up and share my story because I know there are lots of other people, especially women, who are out there suffering in silence.” While Harper Collins said that it would be an “...unbelievably honest narrative of a woman caught in a dangerous cycle of addiction and illness who overcame her demons in an utterly triumphant way.” We suspect this means past issues of Voigt's physicality will be discussed.

As to whether she will write the thing herself or if we will see the less than hidden hand of the ghostwriter has yet to be disclosed.