Listen Now: Werther - Jonas Kaufmann, Sophie Koch, etc. Vienna State Opera.

Written By The Wagnerian on Sunday, 19 June 2011 | 3:56:00 am

I found this on Latvia Radio 3 (I was actually over there trying to discover if they were broadcasting LNO's Götterdämmerung this year.) As Werther is sung by Kaufmann. and as I am more than aware one or two of you are keen to hear him, I thought you might be interested.

My Latvian is not very good but I believe this is Vienna State Opera. production from January this year. The details can be found on Latvian Radio's home page here. The performance can be found on the Archive Page here. It was broadcast yesterday (18/06/2011) at 21:00 so you will then need to go here, scroll down and click either the Real Audio or Windows Media link (basically the time of broadcast under the relevant icon depending on which player you have installed). I have it running at the moment (although not a great fan of Werther) to test it and it seems fine (in windows media player). If you have any difficulty with this I include the direct links to playlist below. Clicking one of these will launch either Realplayer or Windows Media Player (depending on which one you click and have installed. Linux user I am sure can sort this out themselves) Starts at 10 minutes. 

Windows Media Player Stream: Click Here

RealPlayer Stream: Click Here

Latvian Radio tends to keep it's archive active for years but I cannot guarantee this so listen while you can.

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Vienna State Opera
Vienna State Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Frederic Chaslin, conductor

CAST: Jonas Kaufmann (Werther); Sophie Koch (Charlotte); Ileana Tonca (Sophie); Adrian Eröd (Albert); Janusz Monarcha (Le Bailli); Benedikt Kobel (Schmidt); Clemens Unterreiner (Johann).